About Us

Who are we? What services do we offer? How we can help you?

creating beautiful designs​ without compromising functionality

Beauty is just a code snippet away

Digital Stitch Designs LLC is a Black woman-owned business, empowering boldness and beauty. We create designs that speak to the heart and soul of our clients. Designing smart marketing solutions to help your business grow. Crafting the perfect website, logo, or catalog - from concept to completion. Let's create something great together!

Meet the Team

Our team is skilled at web and print design, maintaining web and email servers, content management systems (i.e., Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal), copywriting and editing, graphics design, animation, and general office skills.

Cherita Axel, CEO / Head Designer

Core Competencies: Marketing Support, Web Design, Print Production, Internet Research, Social Media management, Database management, Branding, Customer Relations and Server Maintenance

Skills: Highly skilled in multiple content management systems, including Joomla, Drupal and WordPress as well as CSS and HTML. Advanced Microsoft Office Skills, strong Adobe Creative Suites experience and video editing with Camtasia.

My mission is to create beauty and have fun doing it.

Leon Byrd, Graphic Designer, Animator

Programs: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, ZBRUSH, ToonBoom, Maya

Skills: Editing (Video, Photo, Design),  Web Design, Character Design 2D/3D.

Born in Buffalo NY,  always found myself on the more creative side of things,  went to Erie Community College for Graphic Design and Print with a certification in Web Design and a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts,  specifically Animation.  All I want to do is just enjoy my life doing my work and improving upon myself and my skills. 

Ollie Axel, Marketing Intern

Assist with updating company blogs and posting to the company's social media accounts.

Cooper, In-House Therapist

Look adorable, offer tail wags and and cuddles. In addition, he takes on doorbell duty as needed.

A Timeline of Our History

We have been around for more than 20 years, helping businesses like yours. We originally opened our doors in 2001 under the name Axel Net Designs. 

Digital Stitch Designs LLC

January 2022: After COVID, decided to rebrand and re-launch as Digital Stitch Designs LLC

Cherita Axel Designs

April 2018: Closed LLC and continued working part-time under the DBA Cherita Axel Designs

Axel Designs LLC

April 2013: Registered Axel Designs as an LLC

Axel Designs

January 2008: Re-named company to Axel Designs

Axel Net Designs

May 2001: Launch of Axel Net Designs